Post-WA: Letter to B

Hey B!

Hope you had an awesome weekend and a super productive week.

It was great having our Workflow Analysis workshop last week

Sharing my workflow with you and you being surprised about me doing three songs all at the same time really made me appreciate and think more about this way of doing things.

As I was finishing those three LatinTrap songs last week it became apparent why I work this way and why I encourage others to as well.

One thing that you will begin to learn about me is I LOVE lists. And in honor of that passion I introduce:


Thoughts While Arranging 3 Projects at the Same Time for 2 Hours in a Starbucks


1. I'm bored with LatinTrap1 *switches to LatinTrap2

2. LatinTrap2 doesn't have the right vocal sample

3. This is shit

6. I like the vocal sample from LatinTrap1, stealing that for #2

7. Oh this is good now.

8. I'm bored with LatinTrap2 * switched to LatinTrap3

*repeat for 2 hours


After 2 hours I went from 8 bar loops to a 3 fully fleshed out tracks.


What I realized is I begin to get excited to hear the track I worked on 10 minutes ago and I love cycling through them. When I get stuck on one, I switch to the other. No breaks, no walking away to think about it, just push forward and move on. DON'T LET IT GET STALE. Let your unconscious brain work on one arrangement while your conscious brain is working on the other.

It keeps my motivation and conviction to finish these songs and to finish them in a timely matter. And that's what this is all about after all.

We are here to finish more music faster, plain and simple. So it makes sense that when you find the time out of your incredibly busy day juggling relationships, work, family, and friends, that when you sit down to write some music, you will be able to get it all in so you have time for the other things that matter in life.

And now it is Monday and we get to do it all again this week :)

Looking forward to hearing your track B! 2 days and counting! Just ordered Effortless Mastery per your recommendation.



Notice all the Post It's? It's been a busy week.  

Notice all the Post It's? It's been a busy week.  

Draft #12 and the Art of Collaboration

It's not always easy being of the collaborative attitude. To get your ego away from your work and instead use empathy and understanding to help guide a project forward, but when it does, beautiful things really happen. This is especially true for trailers. 

Writing music for trailers can be a joyful and somewhat frustrating experience.

A microcosm of the entire movie, TB's of data, hours of footage, days and months of shooting, all compressed in to 2 minutes or less. 

In those 2 minutes, audiences must fall in love and feel compelled to go out right away and see this film. Not only that, they must walk away with a sense of wanting, of unresolved business, of I have to see more. 

As a composer, these are some pretty tough shoes to fill, but when it comes down to it, it's about really understanding the story, understanding the filmmaker, and understanding basic human needs. 

Now I'm not saying I'm a psychologist or any more intuitive from the lay person, but the reason why I chose this profession is because I believe in the language of music. I use my polyglot background to create a kind of dictionary of sounds. My formula is as follows: 

Music = Emotion

If I know what emotion I'm after, I am able to find sounds, chord changes, counterpoints to fit this formula.  

And so with trailers, and my most recently finished, which felt right by Draft #12, Alex and I created an arc of the action and went through iteration after iteration to find what melded the best with the footage and the story to tell. 

While his footage was a work in progress, it changed the course of the music into ultimately what it is now, a few arpeggiated pianos, and lush vibrant strings, making it our most simple draft yet our most reflective.  

I am immensely proud of it and of the film to be done later this year and look forward to future collaborations.  

Now back to sweetening up the audio.