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Latin & World Tracks

After spending months in Brazil, and crafting 10 songs in 5 days, I am pleased to say almost all of these tracks were used during the 2016 Rio Olympics and had some success during the Today! Show. Never thought I'd see Al Roker dancing around to one of my tracks! Here are a collection of all my World tracks:


Synth Pop

With the popularity of Stranger Things, I dug deep and pulled out these fantastic synth tracks that to me express so much more than bits and saw waves, instead it screams being a teenager, going on an adventure in a dark forest, and pushing on. 


Future Bass / EDM / Urban Pop

Below are a collection of Future Bass / Trap / Urban Pop (and even Latin Trap) songs. These songs have been pitched for various commercials but all hold a dirty and gritty aggression to them that I love and think we all can relate to when we are motivated and grinding.



There is nothing I love more in this world than stringed instruments. Strings truly tug at my heart strings, and that is one of the reasons why I love working with them.



This is the Camp

It was a pleasure composing the music for this powerful documentary about three young refugees looking to find their place in this world. Beautiful stories and beautiful cinematography by 4n Pictures




Custom Scores

Audio Cleanup + WARMTH


ghost producing




Glen Gómez-Meade is a composer and producer providing music and custom scores for many different types of projects. From TV to film to the stage. Glen’s music has been on television from NBC, to MTV, to the Golf Channel, as well as the E! Network. Glen has the ear, attitude, and technical expertise to bring a director, songwriter, or music supervisor's vision to life.


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